"My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dogs already think I am"

Behind the house, across the lake, there are often beautiful sunsets.

y name is Sissi Sundberg and I'm the founder and owner of this kennel. The kennel name was approved by the  FCI on the 2nd of March 2001, but I've been living with English Setters longer than that.
I got my first ES in February 1988, it was the bitch Mymlan. She made me fall in love with this incredible beautiful, kind and intelligent breed. I owe her a lot, not the least for all the happiness I'm experiencing every day with all my beloved 'babies'. If I hadn't found her I would never got to know this superb breed!


I live on a farm outside Växjö (in Småland) with my 10 dogs, 2 horses, 5 cats and 5 sheep. There is a very large garden around the house where the dogs run free all day. The dogs live indoors with me and they even sleep in my bed, yes, all of them! Sometimes there can even be more than 11 dogs here since I take 'my puppies' in for boarding from time to time if the owners are away on for ex. holiday.
Since the ESs is the breed it is, it's quite easy to have a few dogs extra from time to time.


Myself I have an education as a puppy- and everyday-obedience instructor and I have experience as a veterinary assistant. I have studied a specializing course in dog sick/health-care and continuously educate my self thru lectures and courses as to be able to give my dogs the best of lives, but also to be able to help the puppy buyers with anything they might need.




*to continue the breeding of sound dogs, in temperament and in construction, using well documented and qualified lines. For me mental and physical health comes prior to show merits as those only tell if a dog is beautiful, and we all know the breed is very beautiful. Of course I do show my dogs but it has to be done when there is time to do so, the caring of my dogs and the farm is always my first priority.


* If
you are going to buy a pup from me, I will e-mail you the folder I have made about how to care for your pup when you come home with it. This will give you a possibility to do necessary preparations such as buying food, eliminating dangerous domestic situations etc. When you collect your pup you will also get this folder printed, but it's very wise to have read it prior to the pup's arrival since once the pup has arrived in your home you will be quite busy for a while!

* My puppies have a puppy insurance, a 3 year valid insurance for hidden faults (only valid for dogs living in Scandinavia, so sadly not valid for dogs exported outside these countries). They have been de-wormed regularly, vaccinated, micro chipped, registered in SKK (the Swedish KC) which provides them with an FCI approved pedigree and examined by a vet with a following health certificate at delivery.

* I ask of my buyers that they do an x-ray of the hips and that they follow my recommendation regarding when it should be done and what food to give in order to get the best hip score. I will pay you back half the price of the HD x-ray picture provided you have followed my recommendations to the points, and you need to let me have a copy of the receipt of the costs at the veterinary. For exported dogs this price will be minus my expenses for transfering the money to you, and I will only do it after receiving a copy of your receipt of the x-ray.

* If you are interested in buying a pup from me and I don't know you from before I do want to meet you in person at least once before I give any promises about a pup. If you live abroad I will need recommendations about you if I don't know you from before.

* I'm very careful with finding homes, wanting to give my puppies the best forever homes, and will therefore want to know a lot and ask about the home you offer and the prior experience you have with dogs.

* When you buy a pup from me, included is a course in either puppy- or everyday-obedience according to what you feel you need the most. Abroad buyers are of course welcome to come and visit and get their course then.

* With the puppy you get: a bag containing a small blanket which smells of mom and siblings, a DVD with info on the breed and about dogs communication, 1 kg puppy food, a folder with the puppy's pedigree and papers on how the pup should be cared for (de-worming scheme, next vaccination and so on) +  a gift from me, a nice handmade collar you can use when the pup has grown up.

* You will also always be able to reach me, day or night, if you need help, advice or just to ask about anything whatsoever. You may also almost always leave your pup/dog with me if you need a dog-sitter for the holidays or so.

* I also have a gathering every year where all the puppy buyers and also other invited ES owners are welcome. We talk about dogs, have lunch and coffee and watch the dogs play and bath. If there is time I will also be able to help you with some training or grooming, though this I can not promise as time is mostly going very fast during these gatherings.



You will find more info about the type, looks and history on the breed standard page.


If you are interested in the breed, want to know more about it or if you want to ask about my dogs you are very welcome to contact me.
You can reach me through the e-mail link on the 'home' page or by clicking my portrait below.



"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr"

"There is so much which the eye can't see that affects the organs of a dog. There are also things we do see but which we maybe don't realise our selves, like how the length of the leg affects the length of the strides, how the length of the back affects how high they lift their feet, and so on.
All this affects the dogs function and the length of it's life.
So just because there are so many things we DON'T know, then why breed on those faults we actually do know about?"
Quote by a wise breeder of a totally different breed.