August 5  2001
December 30  2001
August 4  2002
June 28   2003

Thanks for the photos Siw!



July 3rd 2004


Thank you very much to family Adolfsson for the lovely afternoon with you and Pompe on August 5th 2004!



July 2nd 2005


Pompe in action!
5 year anniversary July 1st 2006

First a 'cool-off' bath was arranged for the dogs...

...which was much appreciated....

and needed!!!

Then it was coffee...

...for everyone.

Time for lunch...

...and of course the dogs got to share!

Warren, Bobby, Trolle, Myra & Danny

Danny, Warren, Trolle & Bobby

Pompe saying hi to Trolle with Molly watching in the background.

Warren & Pompe, brothers bathing.


Cute aunti Bessie

Danny & Warren

The 2legged ones also enjoyed the water!



Myra, Bobby & Pompe

'Grandma' with Bobby & Myra

The 'lapdog' Pompe

Suntanned and satisfied at the last coffee for the day.

The look of the 4legged after a whole day of playing and bathing.