10 years jubilee 2011 07 02
Thank you Hasse and Jan for the photos!

If it's a jubilee it needs to be celebrated! Here is Mac with the gifts from Royal Canin.

Sissi and Hasse

Hasse and Mac

Maggan and Tiny

Hasse is thinking about stealing Tiny

Spider, flower or part of the brain?


Molly och Mac

Jan och Eva

Annica, Gärd, Lasse, Anette, Maggan, Lennart, Sissi, Jan, Eva

Maggan, Hasse, Lennart

In the middle of eating lunch we had, due to a heavy shower, to take our food and run to the closest dry place, into the kennel.

Eva, Mira, Mac



Gärd, Sweetie and Lasse

Since it was 10 years jubilee Arken Zoo Växjö sponsored by lending us the instructor Peter J during the afternoon. Thank you Peter Karlsson at Arken Zoo!

Lennart, Peter, Annica
Peter Jonsson gave advice and help with anything any one wanted to know. Thank you Peter J, it was very much appreciated!

Eva and Fridah


Eva, Gärd, Lasse, Hasse, Lennart