At the international show in Krakow 2008 06 28 Russell was awarded Best Junior in Breed by Mrs Penny Williams, UK, with following critics:
"Beautiful head with a good expression and colour of eyes. Very good expression. Very well set neck and shoulders. Excellent bone and feet. Very well angulated front and hindquarters. Excellent body and loins. Very good coat, well presented. Good mover, powerful hindquarters' action."

2008 07 05 WDS Res Jun Winner

2008 07 06 second best junior dog at ISF WWS show.

2008 07 16

2008 10 03 on Budapest Euro Dog Show Russell was awarded Res Junior Europe Winner by Mr Vilmos Kardos, HU.

2008 10 04 Mrs Linda Taylor, UK, awarded Russell the CAC and winner in the Intermediate class at the Hungarian Setter Club Show.
"Excellent, elegant outline, excellent head, very good shoulder and stiffle, very well presented, moved happily and soundly a little closed in hind movement."

2008 10 22

2009 03 15

2009 03 07

2008 03 18 Russell's first litter, mother is Blue Jeans Hazel. There are 3 boys (probably orange) and 3 girls (probably blue belton and tans) and as you can see they are very homogenous.
2009 03 31
7 weeks

2009 04 12

2009 06 04 celebrating his 2nd birthday together with his daughter Smiley