Mating trip to England 12-20 December 2009


This trip was so long that I drove to Thea in Rotterdam the first day. Since we have been best friends for many years now we finally got to meet in real life, something we have been looking forward very much to do. I spent a lovely but way to short time, got incredibly spoilt and do hope I can repay it some day soon, and I also hope I can visit soon again and then stay longer and also go shopping! Thank you dear Thea for everything!

Thea, Duke, Squire and Danny


Day 2 we arrived to the UK and Fran and Tony Grimsdell at Tattersett kennel. They live in a very nice home with a large kennel area for the dogs and a huge field for them to run free in.
Sadly I never had the time to make photos of each one of the dogs, and so happy and lively as they where I'm pleased I manage to get one of them all together!
Woody is even more handsome in real life and his personality is fantastic. he both laughs, talks AND hugs you!
I can now also testify that lamb can taste absolutely fantastic, Fran is a very good cook, and Tony is a very skilled butler with a standing job invitation here. Thank you both for everything!
               Fran                                                                                   Tony
I stayed at a lovely B&B in Great Hockham, Manor Farm, with Miriam and Trevor Mason.
A 450 year old well preserved house with loads of beautiful old details. Beside the genuine atmosphere and nice accomodation, delicious breakfasts are served.


Trevor with Maggie
You can find lots of pretty houses in England, and depending on weather you might also manage to take some photos of the beautiful scenery. Sadly there wasn't much sun due to the time of year, but I managed to get a few photos any way.
On our way home we had to spend one day in Harwich waiting for the ferry, since we missed the first one because a snow storm and closed roads.

Harwich famous beach with it's 100's colourful cabins.
The last night of our trip we spent with Wolfgang, Halim and their dogs. Sadly there was no time to take any photos of the beautiful environments at Lüneburger Heide as it was dark when we arrived and we left early the following morning.
We had a lovely evening with a delicious dinner and of course lots and lots of talking about dogs!
Thanks guys, I hope to see you soon again!

Landhaus Calluna, Underloh

Lizzie, Wolfgang and Maggie

Lizzie, Wolfgang, Halim and Fiona
My first visit to Cruft's, March 9-14, 2011
What a great trip I had, seeing so many lovely dogs, meeting many nice friends, laughing and shopping a lot. I was just super!
Big thanks to Jane and Mick for these grand days! Also big thanks to Richard for taking care of everything at home!
Anyone recognising a dog/dogs in the photos, please let me know their names, thank you!

Anita Snoeck, in the background from left, Hannelore Prässler, Issy van Triel, Wolfgang Eickert.

Éva Mód and Wolfgang Eickert

Sh Ch Tattersett Doctor Woody

Fran Grimsdell and Woody

Éva and Smiley

Éva and Russell


Jane Dennis and Sunshine

Margaret Attwood

Last night at the local pub. It was so nice seeing you all again!

Linda and Jane

Jane and Margaret

Brian, Sharon, Mick, Linda, Jane, Jane, Margaret

Brian and Sharon