WDS 2008 07 05
Big thanks to Jane and Éva for helping me out while I was ill!

It was a lovely weekend, meeting dear friends and having such success with my breeding,
4 excellent and 1 very good and then also 2 places amongst them!

Thank you to every one who took photos, for sharing them.
Copyrights to: Gentlemen By Nature, Blue Jeans, Nattaset, Marjaleena Nikitin, Kickie Boman, Kaisa Partanen, Hasse Sköld, Legneskog, ISF.

JunWW                                        LuxJCh HJCh ResJWW
Swannery Unforgetable                 G.B.N. Mr Carbury - Russell

G.B.N. Mr Narracot - Bobby very good open

B.B.N. Mr Trollope - Trolle excellent open

G.B.N. Miss Boynton - Sweetie excellent 4th junior

G.B.N. Miss Murgatoyd - Maggie excellent 5th intermediate

G.B.N. Miss Murgatoyd & Blue Jeans Isis

Margret, Jane & Sissi

Éva & George

The Gentlemen By Nature group presented by Sissi, Éva, Jane & Marjaleena
WWS 2008 07 06 at Taxinge castle

G.B.N. Mr Carbury - Russell 2nd junior with HP

G.B.N. Mr Trollope - Trolle 4th open with HP

G.B.N. Mr Narracot - Bobby 2nd open with CK and 4th dog

G.B.N. Miss Boynton - Sweetie 3rd junior with HP

G.B.N. Miss Murgatoyd - Maggie 3rd intermediate with HP

The Gentlemen By Nature group presented by Sissi, Éva, Marjaleena & Wolfgang

Slow Fox group 1st                                                             G.B.N. group 2nd with HP

The UK girls

BOB & BIS 3 Mr Masterpiece of Slow Fox     BOS Upperwood Mystic Moonlight